These 6 Gender-Neutral Kids Clothing Brands Are Complete Game-Changers

gender neutral kids clothing brands
credit: Anastasia Shuraeva

According to the latest studies, kids can identify genders by the time they are two and form their own gender identities by the time they are three years old.

Despite this, we continue to inundate kids from the time they are newborns with clothing, images, and language that are very clearly gendered. From the moment they’re born, kids are told what is “female” and what is “male” and that it’s not ok to cross those lines.

But what about kids who fall somewhere in between? Kids who are gender fluid or gender non-conforming? What are we signaling to those kids?

When we don’t allow children to fully express themselves, we are telling them to hide who they really are. We’ve given clear roadmaps about “how to be a girl” and “how to be a boy” but we’ve neglected everyone else.

But now, fashion is finally getting a clue. A ton of gender-neutral kids’ clothing brands have come on the scene and are showing parents they can allow their kids to be themselves.

Below are some of the coolest brands that are making gender-neutral clothing accessible to everyone.

1. Mini Rodini


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Mini Rodini is pretty much the most Instagramable kids clothing brand ever. So if you want your mini-me to be a style icon, then you’ve come to the right place.

They’re also all about sustainability and fair pay. In 2014, they started rolling out the “Living Wage Project” country by country and plan to pay all of their workers a living wage by 2021.


RAGS has a bunch of adorable rompers (short sleeves, tanks, and long sleeves) for babies, toddlers, and little kids. The rompers retail for around $50 each, which is a great value when you consider that they are a complete outfit.

Bonus: the company is run by a woman who started it from her parents’ basement.

3. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney’s unisex kids clothing is full of bright colors, fun phrases, and most importantly, is sustainable!

Of course, Stella McCartney is a brand name so the clothes aren’t particularly cheap (prices range somewhere between $50-$100). But there’s almost always great a sale so if this is more than you’d normally pay, you can still snag something at a great price.

4. Sol Angeles


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Sol Angeles has unisex (in addition to boys and girls) options ranging from 3mo to kid’s size 14. The company is run out of LA by a husband and wife who have kids of their own (so they know what kind of quality parents are looking for). The brand, in general, has a laid-back vibe, Cali vibe, and the line includes tee-shirts, hoodies, and sweats. Each piece ranges from around $40-$70.

5. Free to Be Kids

Free to Be Kids is the perfect brand for anyone who loves taking their kiddies to protests and rallies. They’ve got all the adorable activist tees you could want, plus some great tiny feminist merch.

They also have tons of shirts where the proceeds go to charity, which should make you feel good about your purchase.

6. Miles Baby & Miles Child

Miles Baby and Miles Child offer clothing options from 3mo to (little kid) size 7.

The brand has an assortment of options that include unisex, girls, and boys, but honestly, most of the clothes that are categorized as “boys” or “girls” can be worn no matter the child’s gender identity. Prices range from about $25 to around $65. And with it being a small company, everything is made from quality materials.