3 Gender-Free Kids Clothing Brands That Are Giving Kids More Ways Than Ever to Express Themselves

gender neutral kids clothing brands
Courtesy StereoType

This article was written in collaboration with StereoType.

We’re finally past the days when gender-neutral baby and kids clothing meant boring basics that only came in tans, browns, and other drab colors. Now, we have more options than ever to help our kids affirm their gender, regardless of what that may be.

We’ve even started moving past gender-neutral clothing into an era of genderless or “gender-free” kids clothing, in which gender isn’t even a factor. These collections are often full of bold, fun, and colorful designs that allow kids to express themselves authentically and in more ways than ever before by removing rules and empowering kids to wear what feels good to them.

Of course, not all clothing brands are created equal. And while there are a ton of choices on the market these days, there are still a few brands that stand above the rest. Below are three of our favorite brands that are leading the way in gender-free kids clothing.

1. StereoType

sustainable gender neutral kids clothing brands
Courtesy StereoType

Founded in 2020, StereoType was one of the first brands to take kids clothing into the new, gender-free era with its style-forward capsule collection that’s consciously made with eco materials in San Francisco.

The adorable brand was inspired by founder Elizabeth Brunner’s girl-boy twins, who would often wear pieces from each others’ closets and blend their wardrobes together with a sense of style that Elizabeth describes as ‘free-for-all.’ She soon realized it was time to unlearn the rules of gendered fashion and instead, embrace blended fashion where any piece could be worn by any child.

The result is an exceptional clothing line bursting with fun and imagination that allows kids to be exactly who they are.

Some of the more unique pieces in the collection include the Hero Skirt, which doubles as a skirt and a superhero cape, and the Athletic Skirt, a denim skirt with built-in athletic shorts underneath that allow kids to play without restrictions.

gender neutral toddler kids clothing brands
Courtesy StereoType

StereoType recently celebrated its second anniversary and has only continued to impress us with its designs. One of our favorite pieces is the Boombox Logo Hoodie, a super soft pink hoodie sweatshirt that bears StereoType’s signature boombox icon. Oh, and did we mention it comes in mini-and-me matching adult sizes as well?

In just two short years, StereoType has truly laid the blueprint for creating gender-free, blended fashion that allows kids to express themselves and be exactly who they want to be, whether it’s a superhero one day or a princess another.

StereoType’s clothing comes in kids sizes XS-XL and adult sizes XS-XL. You can check out StereoType’s entire collection here.

2. Firebird


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Determined to create a zero-waste clothing brand for kids, Firebird has a beautiful selection that contains both fun and classic pieces. Their collection includes painted graphic tees, unisex denim pants, organic cotton sweaters in bright blue hues, and more.

One of the things that makes Firebird so special is its “Pass it On” initiative in which shoppers can buy and sell pre-loved pieces.

On top of its commitment to sustainability, Firebird has also embraced a gender-free ethos. The brand is named after the Slavic mythical bird, the firebird, which transcends gender.

The pieces can be a bit on the pricier end, but that’s only because each item is made with quality materials and is meant to last and last (and last) so they can be passed on and loved by numerous kids.

Firebird’s clothing comes in toddler sizes 2T-5T and kids sizes 6-13. Check out Firebird’s entire collection here.

3. Mightly

Mightly is a sustainable kids clothing brand that creates super soft “non-basic basics.”. Although the brand does offer gendered clothing, it also has a great gender-neutral collection filled with organic cotton graphic tees, jammies, hoodies, and more.

Mightly is perfect for the kid who values comfort over everything else and who wants to play without restrictions.

On top of prioritizing comfort, Mightly is also committed to working with fair trade-certified factories and sourcing cotton from the non-profit Chetna Organic Farmers Association.

Mightly’s clothing comes in toddler sizes 2T-5T and kids sizes 6-14. Check out Mightly’s gender-neutral collection here.