4 Fashion Trends That Need to Die ASAP

2022 fashion trends
credit: Tim Douglas

2022 has been full of some great fashion trends that included bright colors and fun throwbacks. But unfortunately, not every trend has been particularly flattering for most body types. And it’s time that we ditch them for good.

1. Bra Tops


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Remember when crop tops used to actually meet at the top of your high-rise jeans? Well, we’ve gone ahead and embraced the “crop” part of the crop top to the point that we’ve now moved on to bra tops. Literally.

But not everyone feels comfortable showing that much skin nor is it particularly flattering for anyone with even an inch of belly fat. Time to go back to actual shirts.

2. Micro Mini Skirts

And tops aren’t the only thing that’s gotten significantly smaller. Ever since Miu Miu debuted their micro mini pleated skirt, skirts have become less of a garment and more of a mere piece of fabric. Other than Hailey Bieber, there are only a handful of folks who can pull off that kind of look.

3. Itty Bitty Bags

Last but definitely not least in the micro mini trend are the bags. These teeny tiny bags range from being able to hold an iPhone, at most to being able to hold a single chapstick. Mini bags might be cute for the red carpet but they’re sure as hell not practical for the rest of us. It’s time to bring back bags that are *actually* functional.

4. Low-Rise Anything

Low-rise bottoms have never looked good on anyone. So why did designers insist on bringing them back?

And yet, racks of clothing are full of low-rise jeans, mini skirts, cargo pants, and more pieces that should have stayed in the 90s where they belonged.

Fortunately, there are still retailers that keep high-waisted pants, which are universally flattering on all body types, in stock. You might have to search them out a bit but you should be able to find enough pieces to fill out your wardrobe.

Last Words

Unfortunately, designers don’t often create clothing with a variety of bodies in mind so we often have to put up with less-than-flattering trends. But the good thing about trends is that they’re just that — trends. And trends will always come and go. We just have to weather the storm.

While you wait, you can always turn to pre-owned clothing for more flattering designs. Depending on your budget, you can find super cute pieces at thrift stores, vintage shops, pre-owned designer resale shops like TheRealReal and Vestaire Collective, and online resale sites and apps like Depop, Poshmark, and eBay.


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